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Best Tips When Gambling in Casinos Abroad

Most of us are used to gambling in casinos online – we have all the entertainment and we can enjoy the leisure of our everyday lives! More and more people are starting to discover the bookmaker Genting Bet and other interesting options on betting online and having fun.  However, there is a new trend emerging – travelling abroad for gambling. It is difficult to resist the extravaganza that is usually involved in such a trip, but you need to be aware that it can quickly turn into a costly experience if you do not plan everything to the last detail.

Even if you are an experienced gambler, with lots of hours and tons of money spent in local casinos, gambling in a casino abroad is a completely different thing. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help with several great tips that we always try to follow when taking a gambling trip abroad.

Plan Your Budget Carefully

This is one of the most important pieces of advice we can give you, no matter if you’re going on a gambling trip abroad or in your own country. You should write down all the expected expenses that you might have during your trip and set a budget for everything. Set aside enough money for hotel expenses, food and drinks, airplane/train ticket, etc., and make sure you leave enough money to spend on the actual gambling.

Learn Whether You Should Tip or Not

Tipping practices differ significantly from one country to another. Therefore, when travelling abroad to gamble, you should learn what is expected of you regarding tipping.

In some countries, tipping will be considered rude, in others, it will be extremely rude not to tip. For example, in Australia, it is illegal to tip the dealer, and they will always politely refuse the chips you send their way. However, in the US, the dealer would be insulted if you didn’t tip him/her from time to time for the good job they are doing.

Practice Before You Play

Casino games around the world will differ from one country to another. You will always be able to play the most popular games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, and so on. However, you might encounter some new games that you are completely unfamiliar with. The goal of traveling abroad for gambling is experiencing and learning new things. Therefore, practice playing these unfamiliar games online before you set off on your adventure.

Learn About Different Tax Laws

Similar to the cultural and tipping differences that you might encounter, the tax laws will differ from one country to another as well. You should learn about the casino tax and whether you are obligated to pay it or not.

As an example, in Australia, the government collects taxes from the casino, so you do not have to pay anything. However, in the US, you are expected to pay taxes on all your wins. That also makes Australia a much better place to travel for gambling, since you can keep a bigger percent of your wins!