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Best travel apps and other apps for traveling

Who needs travel agents when you have smartphones? That’s right, aside from playing games on the phone or searching for the best deals with bonus slots online, mobile phones can be used for organizational purposes as well. With fantastic travel apps at your disposal, you can book flights, find suitable accommodations, find a specific location, or even measure the number of calories you burned daily. These handy helpers can keep the stress to a bare minimum. Here are some of these.

VPN service

Providing a reliable VPN service can be quite useful when you’re going abroad on a trip. It can give you the access to your favorite websites and bypass the security blocks in the country you’re visiting.


This app enables you to view flight data in real time and can provide you with the details of your flight progress. There are some bonus features such as Augmented Reality View, which can identify nearby planes when you point your camera at the sky. It can be really entertaining, and it’s available on both IOS and Android, completely free of charge. Of course, if you want some additional features, there is an upgrade option.


Kayak is a useful tool for those who are in need of car rental, hotels, and flights. It searches through various travel sites, finding exclusive deals for you, which you will hardly find on other sites or yourself. You can set some price alerts to see whether you should buy immediately or wait a bit. Kayak can also work as a trip planner, and it provides information in real time.


This app is extremely convenient for drivers that go on long commutes. It shows the map of the nearest gas station, thereby helping you save a couple of bucks by keeping you updated of the prices. Unfortunately, It is available only in the US, Australia, and Canada.

Hotel Tonight

This travel app can show you where to book a last-minute hotel room. It specializes in selling off same-day reservations, mostly at discounts. It has a possibility of booking in advance, but the most economical deals are for now.


iExit shows every restaurant, gas station, and even ATMs that are near every highway exit. If you have an excellent restaurant in your mind, just mark it and the app will tell you if you are on your way.


Just tell your current location and where you are headed at and Roadtrippers will map for you every possible entertaining place you can visit along the way. It can find museums, amusement parks, hotels, and much more. Just pinpoint the site you like and they will remake your map accordingly.

Google maps

Google maps are widely regarded as the supreme navigation app on the market. It shows directions for car travel, on foot, and even by bicycle. With this app, it is literally impossible to get lost anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. It can show you the terrain in 3D, and the exact distance between two locations. It can also be used to check whether a restaurant or a museum is closed as it shows how busy a place is in real time. Undoubtedly, a must-have app for everyone.