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Best Vacations for Sports Lovers

Lying on the beach all day long, doing nothing sounds amazing, right? Many people dream of forgetting about the usual things that bother them and taking some time off. Those who like betting even include taking advantage of the Genting Bet sign up offer in their dream and relaxing while making a few bets. Well, it’s not the dream to everyone. Active vacations are becoming more and more popular. Sports lovers worldwide are looking for a way to get rid of pent-up stress and find mental solace through being physically active.

Whether you like cycling, skiing, sailing, hiking, cave diving, playing golf, or any other activity, there’s a destination for you out there. Who says that being on vacation equals gaining weight and getting out of shape?

Rwanda and Uganda, Africa

Let’s start off serious straight away and go to the most exotic location on this list. Rwanda and Uganda have been through some tough time in the past, but these two countries are on the path to recovering right now. They are home to some of the most adventurous safaris that you can take.

If you are a fan of hiking and a fan of exotic animals, buy a plane ticket right away! You’ll be able to see chimpanzees and gorillas, leopards, lions, stunningly beautiful birds, and so much more.

There are many tours that you can enrol in online, where you’ll get a tour guide, who will navigate you through the thick African jungles, past waterfalls and other breathtaking sights.


In case you are not a ‘land animal’, but prefer being in the water during your active hours, you should consider Belize. This small island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and the clearest azure waters, perfect for snorkelers and scuba divers.

There are more than 70 diving sites that you can explore, but our personal favorite is the Elbow. It is one of the most spectacular experiences that you will live through, as you explore the rich waters and swim past vibrant-colored fish and other sea creatures.

Lake Placid, New York

If you do not have enough free time to travel to a far-off destination and you live near New York, consider visiting Lake Placid. This is a true urban haven, where you can escape the hot city asphalt and enjoy a catch-and-release style of fishing.

A Canoe Club located on the side of the lake allows you to rent pedal boats, kayaks, paddle boards, and so on. If you want to try something new, you can also spend some time bobsledding or biathlon shooting. This location has something for everybody, and it might be right in your neighborhood.

Vail, Colorado

Beaches and water are not everyone’s cup of tea; some people feel more natural hiking up mountains and camping in the wilderness. This is exactly what Vail, Colorado offers to you.

Epic Discovery is the ultimate adventurous experience that includes canopy tours, zip lining, alpine coasters, interactive activities, wildlife trail exploration, and so much more.

You can also explore the area on your own, by setting off on one of the numerous hiking trails and sleeping in your tent under the stars.