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Betting as a Recreation – Different Types of Sports Bettors

Various people place various bets. That means that several different methods and approaches are used, and several different types of bettors emerged, all classified according to their betting philosophy. Let’s take a look at several different types of sports bettors.

The Big Budget Bettors

These usually follow the “go big or go home” rule and do not care about recreational betting. Although they may not often bet, whenever they do – they put big money. It is usually the time when their favorite team plays, and they want to spice things up by betting.

The Addicted Ones

The addicted sports bettors would usually spend their whole day just placing bets and watching sports. Whenever they are hanging out with someone, they would not stop talking about the odds and how there are matches that are “set up” and “sure thing.”

The Mathematician

The mathematician has it all figured out in numbers. He is willing to do a lot of calculations and find out the most probable odd that is certainly going to be profitable. Some of the mathematicians even analyze the statistical data of individual sportspeople and incorporate all of that into their super-formula. They are also most likely to use betting promo codes that can be found online and factor them in their calculations.

The One that Bets on Everything

Then, there is that one who simply likes betting as a recreational activity. But they usually overdo it. Apart from betting on sports, they would also place bets on less popular things such as entertainment and politics. If they are not betting in a bookie, they are probably making bets with their friends.

The Recreational Bettor

This is the most common type of sports bettor. They usually bet every once in a while and like to do it only as a recreational activity. If they win the money – great, if they don’t – well it was a nice experience to place bets and to feel the thrill. They do not care about going deeper into the philosophy of betting as this is an activity that they think should provide relaxation.

The Investments Type

The investors are those that actually plan a budget for their betting activities. They have a chart and a thorough overview of their betting finances. They see their bets as the potential investments and even use the similar language as if they were shareholders of a big company.

The Fantasy Bettor

Fantasy bettors are the ones that only focus on fantasy sports. They are not interested in the real world, and many of them actually do not even follow real-life sports.

The Resident

The resident is a sub-type of the betting addict, and these are usually older people who are unaware of the beauty that online betting provides. Therefore, they reside in the brick-and-mortar bookies – they sit all day, watch the odds and place bets.

The One that Makes Money

Finally, there are people who actually manage to make a living out of the sports betting. They incorporate the best of every type and devote more than 40 hours a week to studying players and analyzing sports.