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How to maintain a travel blog

Keeping a travel blog while traveling isn’t as easy as it sounds. No matter how much dedicated you are, hanging out with your friends sounds way more appealing than being stuck with your laptop. Some people do it to let everyone know how much fun they are having overseas. This way, they can share their experiences about the hotels, restaurants, and other places they visited. Either way, there a couple of steps you need to follow to maintain a successful travel blog. Here are a few!

Choose an appropriate name

The blog name should be simple and memorable, to give a short insight to the readers, an idea of what your blog is all about. After you decide what you want to write about, choose a name that’s easy to spell, to share. There are a couple of websites like Thesaurus that can provide you with some useful tips and pieces of advice. Afterwards, just check whether your domain name is available, and you are good to go!

Select hosting for your blog

Hosting is actually rented space on the internet where you can store all your data so that people around the world can easily find it. Providers like Bluehost are charging this service for less than $5/month. You may even get a free domain name.

Find and install WordPress software

After you have registered a domain, it is time to install WordPress – the king of blogging. WordPress is basically one of the CMS platforms that makes blogging a lot easier and manageable. There are a lot of free guides and tutorials that can help beginners how to use your dashboard, post an article, and so on. If the tutorials and guides weren’t much of the help to you, you can always find your answer on Google.

Now you can select an adequate theme and start blogging!

Stay away from social networks

Hanging on social networks can be really addictive, so if you want to work productively, you should avoid them. There are even some apps that can help you block specific sites for a limited amount of time. Avoiding social networks can help you focus entirely on your work and stay distraction-free.

Stay connected

Having Wi-Fi while writing a travel blog is essential, so you should avoid places with limited connection. If you are forced to be in places without a Wi-Fi connection, you can always tether your phone or sign up for a portable Wi-Fi.

Make yourself comfortable

Before you start writing, make sure that you have rid yourself of all the distractions – food, drinks, the toilet. You need all the focus you can get if you want to stay sharp and productive. Sometimes, moving from place to place can be refreshing, as it can replenish your creativity.

Hide if you must

Avoid writing around people who are having fun – this can be tempting. You can set yourself a deadline: “I’m going to finish this post, and go chill out a bit”. You just have to be rational with your time, so use it wisely.