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How to Prepare for the Triathlon?

Triathlon is one of the disciplines which incorporates three different sports – swimming, cycling, and racing. The sportspeople who engage in this type of race are some of the bravest and who have some of the toughest preparations for the races simply because they need to come up with techniques for every kind of race.

Let’s take a look at all of the disciplines and how to prepare for each of them separately.


Swimming is the scariest part of the triathlon for most of the people preparing to take part in it. That is why they pay a lot of attention to it. It is scary mainly because it is swimming in open water – a lake, river, or even sea. Therefore, to prepare for this part, you should, first of all, make sure that you have good control in the pools.

Once you are 100% sure with swimming in pools, go to the river and try doing your best to get comfortable in the river. The best way would be to try all sorts of open water and develop a technique for each. Once you knew the terrain for your next triathlon race, you can concentrate on just one type of water.


Cycling lasts the longest in a triathlon, and the legs here do all the work. First of all, you need to make sure that the bike you will have is set up properly and that every part of it works well. Once you solve, this your preparation should include both riding an outdoor and an indoor bike, as much as possible.

The indoor bike will be there for you to stay in shape and maintain your strength and endurance. On the other hand, the outdoor bike will teach you how to face different terrains. Make sure to follow the same philosophy as for swimming – try various terrains and then focus on the type of terrain that actually awaits you in the triathlon race.


Although it seems like the easiest part, running actually requires a lot of work and preparation. It is mainly because most of the triathlons are decided when running, no matter how well-prepared you are for cycling and swimming.

When it comes to running, there is no special technique that you should develop apart from the standard running techniques. The key here is to train as hard as possible and become comfortable to run the distance.


Eventually, your triathlon preparation should simulate the real triathlon, and you should try training all three disciplines in one day, one after another. This will make your body comfortable with change, and you will maximize your results in this noble and challenging type of race that only the bravest dare enter.