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Is it better to travel in groups or alone

Every trip represents a unique adventure that can be experienced in many ways, and it is difficult to claim that one is better than the other. However, we can draw parallels between both, outline some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Solo trip – you are the boss

Unlimited possibilities

Probably the most significant advantage when traveling solo is that you can visit all the attractions you want, and whenever you want. Being the travel organizer means you don’t have to get dragged along to see places you might not find so exciting and waste precious time – you can eat, sleep, and travel at your own pace.

Some people find solo travel attractive because they can focus on themselves, and let’s face it, sometimes it’s refreshing to get away from people a bit.

This kind of journey can strengthen you, make you a more confident person, or at least a more independent one.  

The bitterness of loneliness

Visiting really cool places, but not being able to share the experience with someone can be disappointing. The companionship of your loved one, or a friend, can indeed give a new perspective on your journey.

Dealing with unpleasant situations in a foreign country is much easier when you have someone having your back.

Another disadvantage would be slightly increased travel costs. Also, the prices for single occupancy are higher than for double and triple occupancy.

Group travel–share the fun

Share the good memories

For most people, the best part of group travel is sharing memories, laughing together, taking group photos, etc.

Having an experienced tour guide by your side could really make the most out your trip, and not only for their immense knowledge of the places you are visiting but also for the fact that they usually choose to tell some interesting info to keep everyone entertained.

Safety is one of the benefits of backpacking, especially for worried parents. When a group of teens decides to go on group travel – in case something goes wrong, they can always look for advice from a tour guide or an elderly from the group.

No private time

Inflexibility is one of the main issues with group travel. You always have to respect some ridiculous time restrictions and inevitably visit some, not-so-interesting places. Your private space is almost non-existent, and sometimes you get stuck with someone you don’t get along with.

Final thought

One way or the other, it is really up to someone’s personality. Someone prefers to be his/her own boss and being able to reflect on their thoughts, on their own conditions,  while others prefer the sense of stability and protection from their group, and just adapt to the well-organized schedule.