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Most Popular Recreational Activities For First-Timers

Having some sort of a daily, weekly or even a monthly recreational activity is:

  • Healthy
  • Fun
  • Enjoyable

The first one from the list is inevitable as long as you do it moderately, without overdoing it. The reason why fun and enjoyment are guaranteed is that you are the one who picks out these activities.

We picked out the top 5 activities that are easy to enjoy from the very beginning and do not require any expertise to be performed on a satisfying level.


This one might surprise you, but gambling can be lots of fun. If you have never done it before, you probably have prejudices against it. People occasionally drink, but not everyone is an alcoholic, and just like that, there are people out there who enjoy gambling but they are not addicted.

The key is to set a budget, pick a game you find interesting and play as long as you find it enjoyable. If you are not comfortable spending money in a casino, you can always get online and try out new games for free, without even registering or depositing at all. For those who like playing with real money, many online gambling sites offer promotions for newcomers, just like these promotions from Paddy Power.

However, visiting a local casino or traveling to a well-known one anywhere in the world can be surprisingly entertaining. The atmosphere, the adrenaline and endorphin rush is great as long as you feel comfortable doing it.

Skiing & Snowboarding

It takes only a few slides down the hill to learn how to stay stable on either skis or the snowboard. All you need is someone who has experience with it to show you the basics, but your body itself finds the balance and is pretty intuitive.

Besides healthy exercise, you get to see incredible view from the top of the mountain of your choice, enjoy the ski lift ride and have a nice cup of tea or coffee at the end of the session. Alpine skiing is one of the most popular, and you can go through countries such as Switzerland, Italy, Germany or France.


If you prefer seas over mountains then sailing might sound more appealing to you. Just imagine enjoying the breeze and sounds of small waves and seagulls. Going out on a sailing session with your loved one could provide you the with the most romantic experience ever.

Make sure to start with peaceful waters, but beautiful places such as The Grenadines, Catalina Island, Galapagos Islands or French Polynesia. There are many similar places all around the world, but each unique in its own way when it comes to climate, weather and vegetation.

Scuba Diving

Whenever you are travelling near any water (larger rivers and lakes, seas, oceans) you can look for scuba diving clubs. They will provide you with gear, guidance and instructors if needed.

The fun thing is that you’ll probably fall in love with the underwater world. The activity is even more fun when you have company, as you have someone to share the excitement with.


Climbing might be the most popular activity on our list, just because anyone can do it, almost everywhere in the world. Of course, you won’t climb the Mount Everest right off the bat, but who knows how far you can get.

Start by taking hikes and exploring new areas, or getting a few indoor classes. Once you get to a point where you are able to go up 90-degree rises, you should already know everything about safety equipment and fundamental techniques.