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Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Travelers

The prevailing trend today regarding traveling and technology is to completely unplug when you hit the road, including stopping all the habits that ordinarily fill your days such as playing at the PokerStars Casino Pennsylvania. However, even though you might want to get off social media as much as possible, various tech gadgets can make your traveling experience better and more fulfilling.

Even the most hardcore holistic travelers out there could benefit from a healthy dose of technology on their traveling adventure. The list below is our personal choice of tech gadgets we never leave on a trip without.


If you started hating your smartphone because of all the stressful work emails that you receive or because of how hard it is to stay off Facebook and Instagram, don’t leave it behind. A smartphone is the ultimate travel tech gadget that can do so many different things for you.

You can use it to navigate, to book accommodation, to find restaurants, to learn more about the area you’re visiting, and so much more. If you are worried, you might give in to social media too much, simply delete all the apps you do not wish to use and get rid of temptation.



Drones are quickly sweeping over the world. They are becoming increasingly popular and are entering the lists of essential tech gadgets for travelers everywhere. The best images you can bring back home from vacation are those recorded in your memories. However, it is difficult to show these to your friends and family. A drone allows you to make stunning photos and videos and these flying gizmos are becoming more and more affordable by the day.

Power Bank

In case you decide not to go ‘Amish’ on your travel, you will need to keep your tech gadgets charged at all times. If you are staying in hotels and traveling on trains or planes frequently, you might not need a big one. However, if you are of an adventurous spirit and you like going off-grid, then you should get the largest one you can get. From our experience, a 20,000 mAh is perfect if you plan to go away from civilization for a couple of days. It will keep your smartphone, GPS, and your camera charged most of the time.



Earphones are an absolute must when traveling, especially if you are traveling alone. Music makes everything better, so you should invest in getting a good set of earphones for your travels. You can listen to music, but you can also listen to podcasts and your favorite shows.

A bonus tip from us is to download an album that you have never listened to before, prior to setting off on your adventure. This way, this album will always remind you of the times you had on that particular trip.