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Recreational Boxing and Similar Activities

Boxing was an Olympic sport even in Ancient Greece and joined in the modern version in 1906. Even though it might look like it’s just two people punching each other, there are years and years of tough training behind each competitor you see on TV.

But, just like any sport has professional and recreational members, boxing welcomes anyone. No matter if you are a man, woman or you have a child who’s interested in boxing, basically everyone can start training.

It improves your overall health, strength, stamina, and endurance. It is a very complex martial art which makes the process of learning and training interesting. Learning new techniques, doing bodyweight exercises, running and at some point punching the bag or your sparring partner never allows you to get bored. If you’re a type of person who sits for long hours, likes betting on MMA or a similar sport or playing games the whole day, taking up boxing will change your lifestyle completely.

Besides being healthy and happy, you are at least somewhat prepared if one day you have to defend yourself, and boxing experience is the best preparation you can have at that moment.


Kickboxing is around fifty years old, originates from Japan and was made as a combination of karate and boxing. Even though boxing requires strong legs and fast movements, kickboxing gets you flexible, as well, because of the leg punching techniques.

It is equally, if not even more complex than boxing because you have to get your entire body involved when it comes to punches. Many people start with boxing before they get into kickboxing, but you can get right into it and even though it might take you longer to get good at it, the difference isn’t that important if you’re looking for a fun and useful hobby.

Chess Boxing

This escalated quickly, didn’t it? Chances are, you have never heard about this, but it is, in fact, an official sport. The idea became a reality in early 2000’s, when a Dutch artist by the name of Iepe Rubingh got inspired by the comic from the 90’s in which a French writer tells a story about a chessboxing champion.

The sport is most popular in Germany, India, the United Kingdom in Russia. However, it is spreading rapidly throughout the entire world. What might be one of the biggest contributions to the sport is that one of the boxing legends and former, undefeated light welterweight world champion, Terry Marsh. He was the first professional boxer to compete.

Check online if there is a club nearby specially dedicated to chess boxing, but if not, you can always practice the two separately and possibly compete someday.