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Top Holiday Destinations for Couples

Travel and romance go hand in hand, and travelling is one of the most favorite activities of couples in love. Some destinations are better for couples and some are better if you’re traveling alone.

If you are looking for couple destinations to visit with your significant other, you need to look at romantic destinations where both of you will be able to enjoy and feel relaxed. We’ll show you exactly such places in this article, so read on, make your pick, grab your passport, and go!


Barcelona is a must-visit for all couples that are truly in love. This Spanish city has a rich history and a stunningly beautiful architecture that will leave you breathless. It is said that Barcelona has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole world, so it would be quite a shame not to visit it and experience them.

If you do go, make sure to visit Gaudi’s museum, as well as take a tour of the Sagrada Familia, a beautiful cathedral which dominates the landscape of Barcelona.



Instead of recommending one specific place, we’ll talk about the whole country this time. That is because entire Greece is just unimaginably beautiful and you could be visiting it regularly for years and still have places that are worth seeing and experiencing.

Visit the remnants of Ancient Greece in Athens, such as the Pantheon, or take a vacation and have a full rest on one of the numerous Greek islands. This is definitely one of the most romantic countries and travel destinations you can choose. It will do a great deal for your relationship and leave you with some unforgettable memories.


Iceland might not seem like the most obvious choice for most couples, but trust us, you and your partner will not regret buying a plane ticket to this magnificent island. Prince Harry and Megan Markle are the epitome of real love, and guess what – Price Harry took his Princess to Island on their first holiday together.

Is there anything more romantic than watching the northern lights dance above your heads as you hold hands and kiss each other? We doubt it! Iceland can sometimes be pretty cold, but it will have no trouble warming your heart.

Cape Verde

The definition of romance is being on a mesmerizingly beautiful island, with private beaches, clear water, peaceful waves, and your beloved other. This is exactly what you will get if you visit this destination that resembles heaven on earth.

Make sure also to visit Boa Vista, which is Cape Verde’s capital city, packed with history and tradition, and tight, secluded romantic alleys. You can walk here all day long and have a romantic dinner in one of the authentic island restaurants overlooking the ocean.


Venice, and all of Italy to be honest, is among the top pics of loving couples all over the world. Millions of people visit Venice and Italy every year, and it’s a safe guess that many of them are couples in love, on a romantic getaway.

Once you visit it, it becomes perfectly clear why that is so. Enjoy the beautiful canals and sunsets overlooking them, take a ride in a gondola, and rent a room in one of the old hotels in the city center for an unforgettable holiday!