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Travel around Europe – best places to visit

If you love traveling, delicious food, positive vibes, and adrenaline rush, a tour of Europe will definitely leave you breathless. There are so many magical, breathtaking places, attractions that will just blow you away.

In search of the light – Paris

The city of light, an undeniable source of romance, inspiration, rich history, and beautiful architecture, and an excellent choice for any time of the year is, of course, Paris. The thought that comes first when you think of Paris is the Eiffel Tower, the Triumphal Gate, and, of course, Louvre, which has an incredible collection of art. Walk along the Seine, experience the phenomenal nightlife, relax with the sound of piano and cups of French wine at some of the local coffee shops. This city will simply conquer you. You will fall in love at first glance in his energy!

A fairy tale that never ends – Prague

When you wake up your imagination and think about your dream journey, your fairytale will begin in Prague. The gentle Prague, or a city of a hundred towers, will fulfill your expectations. Prague has many attractions, so when you go there for the first time, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the castle Hradcany that provides a mesmerizing view of the whole city. The city itself will feel like you went through a time-travel machine because here you can see buildings dating from the period of Gothic, Romanticism, Renaissance, and Secession. Feel the spirit of Prague, because this fairytale refuses to end.

A symbol of ancient history – Athens

Once a mighty empire and city during the ancient Greek era, Athens has become the epicenter of philosophy, art, and democracy. The building interwoven with mythology is part of this magnificent city. Detach your history by stepping into one of the oldest structures ever built, the Acropolis. Cruise the city through the perspective of people who once lived there thousands of years ago! Courteous inhabitants of this city will delight you with their flawless hospitality!  

Freedom is in the air – Amsterdam

When your everyday life is monotonic, it’s a great opportunity to travel to the land of lollipop and windmill. Lose the chains and step into Amsterdam, the city where everything is allowed. In addition to legalized prostitution, one of the tourist attractions are cafes where cannabis consumption is permitted. This city is also known for the Van Gogh museum with over 200 pictures and about 500 drawings. Also, there is the house of Anne Frank, which is turned into a museum that stands there as a symbol of the Holocaust in WWII. Feel free and calm. You will come back here again, that’s for sure.

A city that lives – Rome

Its greatest symbol and what everyone recognizes around the world is the Colossus, an amphitheater in which gladiator fights were held thousands of years ago. We also recommend the magnificent squares decorated with obelisks that spring from the 17th century.

If you love shopping, this place will be a real paradise for you, because you can find the wardrobe of famous world creators at very affordable prices in January and July. Activate your senses and live your dream because the dreams in the Eternal City are realized.